Where To Go From Here?

7 Months after surgery and I’m right as rain. I’ve never been happier then I ever have in my life. My innards don’t hurt and I can eat pretty much anything in moderation. That being said I still try avoid Gluten, Lactose and Sugar as I find them my main triggers to an unhappy overall being. I’m still listening to my body and if I feel things aren’t right inside correct it on the outside. You could say I’m pretty much ‘normal’…what ever that means.

But where does that leave this blog? What do I post about now? I haven’t posted here because I felt it was more a venting/diary for my journey to health. Now I’m here I’m lost for words. I find it hard to find the time to post as I’ve filled life with as much as I possibly can. Guess you could call it an new appreciation for life and doing as much as you can with each day your given.
I still am glad that I got sick as as a result of being able to know so much about health and nutrition. I assist others in different ways with they’re own health problems (feel that I could always be doing more though).
I want to do another blood test soon enough to check on all my levels and see my Gastro Dr just to make sure everything is ok, and to rub it in his face.
If I could say there was any SECRETS to maintaining my health

  • It would be every morning a pro-biotic and a fresh juice or smoothie. I believe the good bacteria maintains the balance in my gut.
  • Exercise as well (yea I know its a dirty word). Its the best way to maintain a healthy mental and physical state.
  • Conscious eating. This I’m in no way perfect at but if somethings greasy and fatty, its generally not gonna be good in the long run. Plus my whole being feel horrible after eating to excess or the wrong thing. These are all warning signs that your doing it wrong. I see my body as a machine that needs to be serviced and maintained, fed the right fuel and it will go for a lifetime with little to no problems. Feed it the wrong fuel and neglect it, what do you thinks going to happen? Our bodies can take a lot of punishment but we aren’t invincible.

I guess that’s it, not really a big secret, more common sense really (its probably not that common). 2012 went from the worst to the greatest year ever. I look forward to 2013 and beyond and hope you can learn from my experience and help yourselves to a better you. Ask me anything though and I’ll try to help in anyway I can. Onwards and Upwards!


Stephen Magarita








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Doin’ Somethin’ Right.

It’s amazing how when your doing the right thing or taking the right path in your life that things seem to fall into place. There’s tough decisions to be made sometimes, but they aren’t as hard to make when your doing it right. You think about them at length/ pray/ meditate etc. and ask the world to give you clarity and peace that your doing the right thing. If things are meant to be, they will fall into place like it was meant to happen.

Enough of the mystics and philosophy.

8 and a half weeks after surgery and compared to how I was and how I feel now it feels like two different lives, or even 2 completely different people. With the assurity that tomorrow I will be in good health, that when I sleep it will be a full rest and when I wake up have the energy needed for the day. When I eat, know that its not going to hurt, that when I need to pee it won’t feel like someone stabbing me in the kidneys. Just knowing your better makes your outlook on life so good you want to live and do as much as you can. In fear of going back to how to felt, this motivates and drives you giving you great ambition. If you take care of your health and your body does what it’s meant too, your dreams step out of ‘I want to but can’t commit or know if my body can handle it’ and into ‘I’m going to get shit done and make it happen.’

My health is going well, even put on weight – up to 93kg’s. I’m now reintroducing potatoes and corn back into my diet. Not in large amounts, just every now and then. The foods I really want to avoid are Lactose, Gluten and Sugar. I avoid these as much as I can at all costs, I know they are deadly and my main triggers. I’ve also been trying gluten free sausages which don’t give me any grief at all. I look for the best quality beef though.

I did a year of Audio Engineering at JMC College out of High School but didn’t really pursue it full time. With my time off from work healing from surgery I did some Audio Engineering work with a local studio filling casual shifts which just recently lead too a full time job. This is what I’m referring up the top. It all just feel into my lap. With my health going well and a new outlook on life things just fell into place, like it was meant to be. I’m very thankful and count my blessings.

Last weekend my Dad and I went away for a trip up the coast to Nambucca Heads, Macksville and Bowerville. To see family – Dads cousins and my 2nd cousins – and see the VW spectacular. The weekend was great and was awesome to see how they live. They’re off the grid with solar power and water tanks, they grow all they’re own food and have livestock. Once you get on the farm all phone reception goes and the feeling of isolation sets in. Amazing how much one’s used to checking Facebook and having that virtual connection to the outside world, feeling socially connected. That and no tele or wifi. Ladies and gentle men we’re getting prehistoric here!
It was great, we had a great time and helped them harvest they’re potato crops, wrestle some cattle, pick some fruit and catch up with all the relatives out that way.

I worried about what foods I could eat and couldn’t eat while out there. So I pre-packed as much as I could into my dinky esky. I took a bag of coleslaw undressed and a jar of home made mayo, container of stewed apple and french cream, nut slice and toffees (unsurprisingly we’re the first to run out of), chai tea and almond milk, fresh fruit and steamed vegetables. I figured it would be enough for the first few days (only stayed up there for 4 days) and it worked out well. I knew I could now eat as much fruit as I liked which they had plenty of, for breakfast I’d have coleslaw and veggies for lunch. They had fresh eggs which went well at breakfast and for dinner we had game roosters and hens. It was a feast. I noted though due to seasonal harvest they ate ALOT of bread and potatoes. Not a big issue as I would have some potatoes but avoid bread and milk. It’s not like I starved.

Although my health is going well there’s always room for adjustments and maintenance. I feel I should eat less honey (sometimes my teeth hurt LOL!) and not so much animal proteins. Why do all the good foods taste so damn good! Even a short fast would do my body some good. I’m due to get some blood tests soon and I’ll post my results. I look forward to seeing them! I also was advised to go back and see my Gasto Specialist but I’m a bit reluctant to seeing as I feel so much better and he’ll probably still want too prescribe me meds. But one session couldn’t hurt, more just to establish that I’m well and rub it in his face.

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Lastly I have some links of interest.

Firstly this Doctor outlines some good causes for Digestive Diseases and Autoimmune disfunctions as well as how to treat them.

This is some seriously good advice on how to achieve your goals


And someone who has gone through almost the same thing as me. Its nice to know there’s others and your not battling your problems on your own.

I also want to ask you readers, what do you want to hear about? Ask any questions or topics you’d like me to post about.

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Movin’ On Up

Almost 5 weeks on and time has flown by (time flies when you’re having fun). Without constant pain and infection going on inside of me, I’m free of the affliction, stress and anxiety that came with it. I’m free to be my own person again, rebuild my life and move on.
The detox off pain killers out of hospital was horrendous but that’s passed now. Gosh the human bodies an awesome thing.

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On that note my body was all over the place doing strange things readjusting too itself again over the last few weeks. Not to mention testing the limitations of my diet, not on purpose but when you’ve held such restraint over what foods you can and can not eat being able to tolerate more of or new foods opens a whole new door. I even had to cancel a date at the last-minute due to frequent toilet visits.
It’s all trial and error. I had a strict system of foods I could eat before surgery. Now that I’m not in constant pain I can actually see/feel what works for me.
Fruits and honey are now tolerable to a large extent. Being a sweet tooth this is amazing so I’ve managed to keep a constant flow of caramel, peanut and pecan toffee’s going and tonight I made chocolate brownies with raw cocoa supplementing sugar with honey. Muchly appreciated by my parents as I’m sure you can imagine.
I’ve even put on weight, up 5kg’s in a week (now 88kg’s) and having people verbally note I look healthier and better. Ultimately I don’t care what I weigh, as long as I feel good on the inside.
Also been going out to the local pub’s to try and reclaim some social interaction. Rebuilding my confidence and not having to worry about my health. No I don’t drink but I do drink homemade chai tea which sends me bouncing off the walls.
I will say that going out without drinking is not new to me but definitely shapes your night differently. For one you remember everything that happened’s. Your highly perceptive and its highly amusing to watch people make trash of themselves. I’m not judging anyone, I just enjoy watching people and they’re interactions. I also reflect of my own experiences and think – “that used to be me, did I ever get that bad?”
I hope to be able to drink somewhat again someday, I know its unnecessary and I could live my entire life without it – pain is an awesome motivator. But it is nice when your young to have a social drink without getting trashed.
I find though that if I have a drink (water) in my hand I don’t feel so awkward all night. I guess it’s a social stigma. But I’m straight up with anyone who asks.

Random: “Are you drinking?”
Me: “No”
Random:”Whats that all about!?”
Me: “If I drink, it hurts my insides, so I don’t”
Random: “oh” Sometimes followed by “tell me more”

It is great to feel ‘normal’ again. I don’t care what others think. As long as I’m honest and true too myself. I feel like my life’s been rebooted and I can finally after all this, move on!


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Healing like a Boass!

A week on out of hospital and I’m doing fantastic.

No more pain internally, normal sleep patterns returned, no burning sensation whilst urinating. I do have slight discomfort around the cut but that’s to be expected considering they practically gave me a cesarean. Small price to pay for no pain.
I did have my own little trial and errors over the last week though.

The day before I was getting out of hospital I ate some thawed out chicken soup from home. I managed to get food poisoning. Not recommended after bowel surgery. I was in agony again after doing so well and felt so stupid for eating it. It didn’t smell off but had been around for a while. So I downed some panadol to deal with the pain which worked only for about 2 hours and marginally well. I asked for something better so they gave me Endone (Oxycontin). I didn’t tolerate that at all and brought it up along with some of the food (ahh, thats a bit better).
The following morning the doctors weren’t so concerned with my food poisoning, long as I was urinating correctly they shipped me out of there!

What a feeling! Freedom was sweet.

I decided not to eat for at least another day and give my guts a rest, taking a pro biotic though to help my gut ecology along. Wasn’t long till I felt I had a yeast infection, Typical symptoms included jock itch, dry mouth and a god almighty muscle pain in the bottom left quadrant, possibly kidney. I’ve had yeast infections before but nothing with back pain included. I broke my fast that night with orange juice and all my symptoms went away!
Fantastic, now I can get on with healing like I should have been 2 days ago!

I’m now eating solid foods including salads, veggies, meats and fruits. Tested an almond meal muffin but felt it was pushing my insides. Still continuing with supplements and even trying somethings I shouldn’t like Gluten free sausages (foods I shouldn’t have on the SCD diet are corn flours which they use in snags as binders) They went down well enough. Will keep this to a rare occasion if at all so as to not ruin my diet fanaticism (Insert Crazy Laugh here). I should continue on my diet for at least 6 – 12 months before branching out and trying occasional things like potatoes and gluten-free pastas. I miss them the most.
I felt well enough to even play a gig at a local festival (Winter Magic) Saturday night.

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I put my healing down A LOT to my diet. I’m up and moving everyday and trying to exercise at least once a day. This has been torturous seeing as I did nothing but be pumped full of drugs and lie on an uncomfortable bed for a week. I’m stiff and trying to rebuild my exercise regime to where I was and progress even further. Thankfully I have enough time off to do this with nothing else to worry about.
The Journey will be a slow one but each day is better than the last!

Few little things I took away with me from the hospital.

There was man in the same ward who had cancer of the bone. He was 84 and had lived a fairly fulfilled life but from what I could gather he never ate very well and possibly enjoyed the drink. He believed in what the doctor had to say as the absolute truth, negating any alternative method of healing. I tried to reach out to him after he had told me he felt in so much despair because his quality of life was pretty non-existent. He was a God-fearing man but still wouldn’t have a bar of alternative methods to healing.

I talked of good nutrition and green juices, assuring him he could do his doctors treatment along side a nutritional alternative. I gave him the link to Minding Your Mitochondria and left him with it. It was so sad to see a human life in such a state that he’d lost all hope of getting better and just wanted to return to God.

It made me value my health and feel assured that what I’ve been doing with my diet and lifestyle is the right path and will be for as long as I live. I never want to get to 84 and feel like my life’s over.

On that note; take care of yourself, eat well, exercise, and drink green juices, take 20 minutes a day to enjoy ‘existing’ and remember you either Pay for your health now, or Pay for it later.

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Operation Fistula-Fix Underway

The operation was a success.

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The surgeons are happy with the op and happy with my recovery so far. So am I. They went in, cut out the infected piece of my ileum (last part of my small intestine), stitched my bladder and said there was a part of my rectum involved which they also stitched, thankfully didn’t cut out.
They said it was like sewing cheese it was that infected, which was expected seeing as I’ve been dealing with it for at least 18 months. I have a catheter in which is nice so I no longer have to worry about the pain when I urinate. It has to stay in for a week, then want to do a pressure test and do some scans, if my bladder is not leaking I can go home for a 6 – 8 week recovery.

This experience is all new for me, I’ve never been hospitalised for anything serious or at least for an extended period of time. But my time has been great so far. The nurses are lovely and my surgeon and sometimes his registrar visit me daily. I’ve been taken off IV drip already and they took away my push button morphine (awwww). I’m on a liquid diet but I think they will change that as I passed wind today (woohoo!). I’m now on oral pain killers if I want them but I’m only taking them if I feel in pain.

You come to hospital to heal and recover, not to sleep that’s for sure. The first night I was here the fellow across from me (still disoriented from his surgery and anesthesia) wanted to go to the toilet, so thought he’d just pull all his cords out, including his catheter (ouch!). He’s doing alright now.
Theres also a lady down the hall that likes to yell out ‘nurse’ all night long, even when a nurse is standing in front of her, and shes not got dementia or anything of the like. She’s just a pain in the ass. Ear plugs fixed that problem.
Family and friends have come to visit and I’m passing the time fairly well with the laptop, reading and music. Time seems to drag on when you’re in hospital.
At night you can hear the IV drips sing they’re little tune which lulls you to sleep…when the lady down the hall isn’t screaming out nurse every 30 seconds.

I can’t wait to be out of here and in my own bed. I feel well-loved from everyone. I also believe all the effort that I’ve put into my diet and health is paying off, I’m not craving sugar, caffeine or much else….Maybe morphine…haha! But I’ve effectively already detoxed and my body can now just focus on healing itself.

I’ll keep you posted as I heal and progress.

Stay positive!

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T-Minus 4 days till the Chop Shop.

The title might sound ominous but I’m really not scared about my surgery coming up. Anxious, yes, but not scared. This pain has been on going for so long and having to be so ultra careful with food input that I’m ready for something to be done about it, even if it isn’t my first choice. But I can say that I tried everything possible that could be done naturally. I intend to get his over and done with and remain positive as possible the whole time!
Should be hospital for 1 – 2 weeks and then healing for 6 – 8 weeks after that. All my affairs are in order. I’m ready to do this!
The Light at the End of the Tunnel couldn’t be brighter!

Everywhere I go I pre pack my food in my small esky with a cool pack. Being prepared is paramount to not eating anything I can’t and not going hungry. I used to be worried about going to places and being nervous about asking to use shops or cafe’s microwaves to reheat my food. I’m so far past that now its not funny. If people ask questions I tell them ‘I have food allergies’. Cause lets face it, everyone wants hot meat and vegetables then stone cold.
Work luckily has a microwave and I generally smell out the lunch room with my delectable foods, while everyone else eats 2 minutes noodles eye balling my food asking why I didn’t make them any.
You too can eat what I eat, just put some effort in and set some time aside each night to prepare meals in advance, might sound hard but your body and health will thank you for it later. You can either pay the price now, or pay for it later….

When eating out I still stick to my guns. I’ll eye the menu and explain when the waiter comes that I have food allergies – like cealiac – but more. I don’t have to outline everything for them, I just get straight to the point saying I want meat, salad or vegetables with no sauces and no dressings. Emphasizing no sugar! This seems to go well.
Having an idea of what you want and being able to clearly voice it effectively really helps out any place your going to eat at. Sometimes if I’m pre booked to eat somewhere I’ll call them up and let them know I’m one of them ‘special’ people…. I also apologize for being a pain in the ass because I know how annoying it can be when people start to edit a menu in a busy restaurant, picking and choosing from 10 different meals. In reality there’s more of us (certain food intolerance people) out there now that its almost being common place. It just helps that I know exactly what I want by the time it comes to order and don’t leave it up to the waiter or chef to decide which can cause havoc.

Always thank the waiter emphatically and if you can the chef! (don’t forget to tip). Serving people can be a really thankless job. 8 years in hospitality has shown this….

Indigo Swing, How Lucky Can One Guy Be.

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The Ups and the Downs

The last week or two has been a bit of a roller coaster. After the fast I did I felt so good that I’d try alcohol.I can’t drink cause it burns the stomach lining. But I’d been on such a high that I gave it go. I had one glass of Honey Mead which in hindsight was probably fermented with sugar….

Somewhat the pain can be like…Mmmm Pointy.

It didn’t go well.

I was in agony and not just fistula pains but crohn’s aswell. That puts alcohol off the list. Maybe one day I can try again but not for a while.
It could have had such a detrimental affect not only cause I’m still healing but cause of the Detox I had while fasting. I noticed this with most chemicals after the fast as well i.e C affine, Black  Tea perks me up quite nicely.

Got through that ordeal and then returned to eating fairly normally. Trying to increase my fruit intake but I’m becoming more aware of my fructose allergy, This includes honey! (Curse them for making it so so sweet and tasty!) Got a bad urinary infection as a result. (ouch!)
So I’ve cut back fruits and Nuts (including nut flours).  Sticking to the ol’ Salad, meat and Veg. This is a nice safety ground with still a lot of variety.
You discover a lot more ways to have salads and veg when that’s all you can eat! Garlic butter, roast dinners, roquette salads to name a few.
Also taking more control my consumption for food with pre-portioned meals and smaller plates. Still taking supplements with adding Aloe Vera working quite nicely and sticking to the SCD diet.
This seems to be working so far so I’ll ride the high for as long as it comes.
Still waiting on surgery, I tried to move it up and it should happen within the month fingers crossed.

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Science for Smart People

Excellent video about scientific studies and how to use critical thinking to analyze what the Science Community publishes.

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Life In The Fasting Lane

I did it! I intended to do a week water fast but made it to 5 and half days. I felt I could have kept going but had yeast (candida) infection flaring causing more harm than good. I’m just glad I read my bodies symptoms of it and broke my fast as opposed to thinking it was a detox process and have it get worse.

I kept a diary of each day and it is as follows:

Day 1

Just before I started the fast I was having a bad reaction, most likely to honey and fructose. As soon as I ceased eating I had instant relief from pain. Reactions go down and there’s much less gas passing through my fistula. Energy levels go up and down. I do what I can while I can but mostly just rest and relax allowing the body to do its thing.

Day 2

Feeling even better. Exercised lightly; Just a brisk walk, squats and push ups, 1 set of each. I find this paramount to feeling better about fasting, it gets your blood pumping and releases gooins to make you feel better as well as reduce inflammation and pain. Although day 2 is still hard initially the hunger goes away. I think of it as ‘If I don’t eat, I’m not in pain!” Pretty crummy trade-off though, but its a huge relief to not be in so much pain.

Day 3

Pain still lessening which is always nice. Hunger is gone and  I’m well underway with my fast. Had a bit of a spacey feeling for some of the day but it passed after I exercised again. Try to get as much sun as I can in this Autumn month which isn’t a lot. Vitamin D is so nice. Lots of movies, rest, relaxation and reading. I’m loving the smell of food though, even though I can’t eat its nice to imagine what it tastes like, probably a bit cruel on myself but I don’t mind. Slept better as well, not waking up as much to rush to urinate and getting solid blocks of rest.

Day 4

Went and had a colonic (irrigation) to help the detox process. My idea behind this is if I clear out all debris in my insides I’ll give my fistula the best chance of healing. No matter going over the hole means less strain on the healing process. But there are also numerous other benefits to getting a colonic -  See here. I even exercised before it as well and rested greatly afterwards. Later in the day while resting I turned inwards and started asking myself questions and reviewing my life. I can tell you the experience was very spiritual and self developing.

How often does one sit and review they’re entire life up until now? The people they’ve met, the friends and lovers that have come and gone, the places you’ve been and want to go. What you’ve achieved and how you view and perceive yourself internally and externally. I also questioned my own beliefs and delved very deep into my persona.
I found this very gratifying and all the more so while fasting.

Day 5

Going strong! Finding there’s still gas present via flatulence and belching. It’s about this time I felt I was getting a yeast overgrowth. The symptoms started to accumulate telling me it was more than just detox including high fatigue, jock itch, extremely bad breath as well as excess gases. Further research found that fasting does not eliminate Candida and without a pro biotic and supplements to suppress it, it was running rampant through my system. With all this information in hand I wanted to be sure it wasn’t just detox and pushed through one more day. No exercise today which left me feeling a bit depressed and self-pitying.
The thoughts that were invading my space where so negative and hard to shake off, even self loathing believing I put myself into this position with my health. But thankfully with a few kind words from Mum (thanks mum) I managed to drag myself out of it focusing on the positives of my situation. Remaining focused on my goal of getting better and remembering why I was fasting in the first place, not only to help the fistula heal but put the rest of my body in top condition to help heal itself. I may feel like crap now, but in a few hours I’ll be on the other side of it feeling all the better for it.

Day 6

Broke the fast at 7.30am (135 hours no food) with a Anti Candida juice (much to be desired in this one) including orange, garlic, mint, cucumber, carrot, parsley, beetroot and cabbage. Not the tastiest thing to come out of a fast on but I stomached it in hopes it would blast the Candida. Started treating the overgrowth with juices, diet and anti-fungal supplements. Also going to start 3 times a day Glutamine dosage and Aloe Vera which should coat my stomach with a protective layer while the glutamine helps repair the tissue damage of the fistula. I’ll keep you posted on this therapy as well as anti candida remedies.
Reintroducing food felt INVIGORATING

Day 7

Exercised and slowly regaining my regime adding one more set of exercises a day. Have good energy, good food consumption and being super vigilant with supplements as well as making sure I give myself 2 -3 hours between meals and supplements for maximum effect. Pains are still down and every moment feels good. Note I lost no excess weight to what I normally fluctuate on week to week basis. Onwards and Upwards!

What did I learn this time round?

  • Fasting won’t fix the fistula, but that’s OK, it has numerous other benefits to healing the body like detoxing and putting the rest of my body in top condition. I’m still on the waiting list for surgery and I’m pleased I’ve tried every natural possible way to heal it.
  • Exercise is paramount to feeling good.
  • Take time out every now and then to quietly review yourself and what you’ve achieved and learned, its character building.
  • No matter how bad a situation may seem, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, so remain focused and push away all negative thoughts to reach your goal.
  • A few kind words is all you need sometimes to refresh your thinking process and achieve your goals.

Glad to be on this side of it now, feeling good.



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The Final Frontier

As of today I’m on a 10 day fast. Nothing but distilled water for 10 days. This is my greatest natural attempt to heal my fistula. I don’t know if it will work but its definitely worth a try.

I’m taking work off for a week to rest and relax and do little in the way of strenuous activities. I’ve also mentally prepared myself and put my self in a positive frame of mind that this will be beneficial to myself and my healing.

This past two weeks I’ve been feeling pretty good. Lots of energy and not a lot of pain. Have had a few hiccups along the way though. Its amazing how much I like to (we all do) push the boundaries of food consumption. As soon as I feel better I start to eat more and I crave fat and sweet. I’m pretty sure this is a natural human instinct. In ancient times these two things meant survival.
But over doing both of these things is bad for me at this time. If I eat too much and too often the foods start to back up and ferment causing terrible pains and gases. If I eat too much sweets (raw honey especially) the fistula symptoms intensify. Both of these I’ve experienced in the last 2 weeks and both brought back in line with some self control.
Last few days have not been the greatest either which I feel is good timing for a long fast.

Few things worth noting after my last fast.

  • My eyes where whiter and clearer.
  • It was notably easier the second come round. I put this down to knowing what to expect.
  • I did light exercises during the fast with no notable down side; inc light walk, squats, push ups, lunges.
  • I lost no extra weight to what I normally fluctuate (78 – 82Kg).
  • My sense of smell was heightened.
  • My blood tests mid week after the fast showed even more signs of improvement.
  • Appreciation of the little things – Electric blanket.

These are all positives that drive me to get better and give me the discipline to fast for longer. I can honestly say I look forward to less pain each time I fast and the cleansing that goes on inside me.

There is risks and dangers involved in fasting and I don’t promote anyone to do it without first consulting a doctor. I also suggest supervision and doing nothing strenuous. Your body and mind are not 100% while fasting and caution should be taken. Listen to your body and let it be your guide. Your mind set also has to be in extreme positivity mode, negating all negative thoughts and energies, don’t allow others to set you off your course. Its a deeply personal choice and a lot of people won’t understand why your doing it. Most the time I find it easier to just not tell anyone.

Lastly I couldn’t help but share this picture as I feel a lot like the character ‘Link’ from the Zelda series. We all have to face challenges in life and this journey thus far with Crohns has been a battle from the start. But with perseverance, self control, positive thinking and the knowledge that theres a light on the other side we can all over come even the biggest Demons in life.

This is the results of my CRP (C-Reactive Protien) blood test. They’re markers for inflamation and show my progress from 09/11 through too 4/4/12


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