Life In The Fasting Lane

I did it! I intended to do a week water fast but made it to 5 and half days. I felt I could have kept going but had yeast (candida) infection flaring causing more harm than good. I’m just glad I read my bodies symptoms of it and broke my fast as opposed to thinking it was a detox process and have it get worse.

I kept a diary of each day and it is as follows:

Day 1

Just before I started the fast I was having a bad reaction, most likely to honey and fructose. As soon as I ceased eating I had instant relief from pain. Reactions go down and there’s much less gas passing through my fistula. Energy levels go up and down. I do what I can while I can but mostly just rest and relax allowing the body to do its thing.

Day 2

Feeling even better. Exercised lightly; Just a brisk walk, squats and push ups, 1 set of each. I find this paramount to feeling better about fasting, it gets your blood pumping and releases gooins to make you feel better as well as reduce inflammation and pain. Although day 2 is still hard initially the hunger goes away. I think of it as ‘If I don’t eat, I’m not in pain!” Pretty crummy trade-off though, but its a huge relief to not be in so much pain.

Day 3

Pain still lessening which is always nice. Hunger is gone and  I’m well underway with my fast. Had a bit of a spacey feeling for some of the day but it passed after I exercised again. Try to get as much sun as I can in this Autumn month which isn’t a lot. Vitamin D is so nice. Lots of movies, rest, relaxation and reading. I’m loving the smell of food though, even though I can’t eat its nice to imagine what it tastes like, probably a bit cruel on myself but I don’t mind. Slept better as well, not waking up as much to rush to urinate and getting solid blocks of rest.

Day 4

Went and had a colonic (irrigation) to help the detox process. My idea behind this is if I clear out all debris in my insides I’ll give my fistula the best chance of healing. No matter going over the hole means less strain on the healing process. But there are also numerous other benefits to getting a colonic -  See here. I even exercised before it as well and rested greatly afterwards. Later in the day while resting I turned inwards and started asking myself questions and reviewing my life. I can tell you the experience was very spiritual and self developing.

How often does one sit and review they’re entire life up until now? The people they’ve met, the friends and lovers that have come and gone, the places you’ve been and want to go. What you’ve achieved and how you view and perceive yourself internally and externally. I also questioned my own beliefs and delved very deep into my persona.
I found this very gratifying and all the more so while fasting.

Day 5

Going strong! Finding there’s still gas present via flatulence and belching. It’s about this time I felt I was getting a yeast overgrowth. The symptoms started to accumulate telling me it was more than just detox including high fatigue, jock itch, extremely bad breath as well as excess gases. Further research found that fasting does not eliminate Candida and without a pro biotic and supplements to suppress it, it was running rampant through my system. With all this information in hand I wanted to be sure it wasn’t just detox and pushed through one more day. No exercise today which left me feeling a bit depressed and self-pitying.
The thoughts that were invading my space where so negative and hard to shake off, even self loathing believing I put myself into this position with my health. But thankfully with a few kind words from Mum (thanks mum) I managed to drag myself out of it focusing on the positives of my situation. Remaining focused on my goal of getting better and remembering why I was fasting in the first place, not only to help the fistula heal but put the rest of my body in top condition to help heal itself. I may feel like crap now, but in a few hours I’ll be on the other side of it feeling all the better for it.

Day 6

Broke the fast at 7.30am (135 hours no food) with a Anti Candida juice (much to be desired in this one) including orange, garlic, mint, cucumber, carrot, parsley, beetroot and cabbage. Not the tastiest thing to come out of a fast on but I stomached it in hopes it would blast the Candida. Started treating the overgrowth with juices, diet and anti-fungal supplements. Also going to start 3 times a day Glutamine dosage and Aloe Vera which should coat my stomach with a protective layer while the glutamine helps repair the tissue damage of the fistula. I’ll keep you posted on this therapy as well as anti candida remedies.
Reintroducing food felt INVIGORATING

Day 7

Exercised and slowly regaining my regime adding one more set of exercises a day. Have good energy, good food consumption and being super vigilant with supplements as well as making sure I give myself 2 -3 hours between meals and supplements for maximum effect. Pains are still down and every moment feels good. Note I lost no excess weight to what I normally fluctuate on week to week basis. Onwards and Upwards!

What did I learn this time round?

  • Fasting won’t fix the fistula, but that’s OK, it has numerous other benefits to healing the body like detoxing and putting the rest of my body in top condition. I’m still on the waiting list for surgery and I’m pleased I’ve tried every natural possible way to heal it.
  • Exercise is paramount to feeling good.
  • Take time out every now and then to quietly review yourself and what you’ve achieved and learned, its character building.
  • No matter how bad a situation may seem, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, so remain focused and push away all negative thoughts to reach your goal.
  • A few kind words is all you need sometimes to refresh your thinking process and achieve your goals.

Glad to be on this side of it now, feeling good.



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One thought on “Life In The Fasting Lane

  1. Raffaccino says:

    You know I have that car behind him? But mine is actually better than that, as it is a true 2 seater. Great info about the diet. Thanks to you, my mums health has never been better. Cheers, Iron P.

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