The Ups and the Downs

The last week or two has been a bit of a roller coaster. After the fast I did I felt so good that I’d try alcohol.I can’t drink cause it burns the stomach lining. But I’d been on such a high that I gave it go. I had one glass of Honey Mead which in hindsight was probably fermented with sugar….

Somewhat the pain can be like…Mmmm Pointy.

It didn’t go well.

I was in agony and not just fistula pains but crohn’s aswell. That puts alcohol off the list. Maybe one day I can try again but not for a while.
It could have had such a detrimental affect not only cause I’m still healing but cause of the Detox I had while fasting. I noticed this with most chemicals after the fast as well i.e C affine, Black¬† Tea perks me up quite nicely.

Got through that ordeal and then returned to eating fairly normally. Trying to increase my fruit intake but I’m becoming more aware of my fructose allergy, This includes honey! (Curse them for making it so so sweet and tasty!) Got a bad urinary infection as a result. (ouch!)
So I’ve cut back fruits and Nuts (including nut flours).¬† Sticking to the ol’ Salad, meat and Veg. This is a nice safety ground with still a lot of variety.
You discover a lot more ways to have salads and veg when that’s all you can eat! Garlic butter, roast dinners, roquette salads to name a few.
Also taking more control my consumption for food with pre-portioned meals and smaller plates. Still taking supplements with adding Aloe Vera working quite nicely and sticking to the SCD diet.
This seems to be working so far so I’ll ride the high for as long as it comes.
Still waiting on surgery, I tried to move it up and it should happen within the month fingers crossed.

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2 thoughts on “The Ups and the Downs

  1. youngcaveman says:

    Crohns can be made pretty much irrelevant if you follow the Paleo diet. My little cousin has Crohns but no longer suffers from any symptoms because he elimated grains and dairy. I really suggest at least trying Paleo for two weeks, the worst that can happen is you lose some weight!

    • Stephen N says:

      SCD Diet is pretty close to Paleo; fruits, nuts, veg and meat. Minus starches (potato and pasta). It sure keeps the weight normalized. Cheers for the suggestion.

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