T-Minus 4 days till the Chop Shop.

The title might sound ominous but I’m really not scared about my surgery coming up. Anxious, yes, but not scared. This pain has been on going for so long and having to be so ultra careful with food input that I’m ready for something to be done about it, even if it isn’t my first choice. But I can say that I tried everything possible that could be done naturally. I intend to get his over and done with and remain positive as possible the whole time!
Should be hospital for 1 – 2 weeks and then healing for 6 – 8 weeks after that. All my affairs are in order. I’m ready to do this!
The Light at the End of the Tunnel couldn’t be brighter!

Everywhere I go I pre pack my food in my small esky with a cool pack. Being prepared is paramount to not eating anything I can’t and not going hungry. I used to be worried about going to places and being nervous about asking to use shops or cafe’s microwaves to reheat my food. I’m so far past that now its not funny. If people ask questions I tell them ‘I have food allergies’. Cause lets face it, everyone wants hot meat and vegetables then stone cold.
Work luckily has a microwave and I generally smell out the lunch room with my delectable foods, while everyone else eats 2 minutes noodles eye balling my food asking why I didn’t make them any.
You too can eat what I eat, just put some effort in and set some time aside each night to prepare meals in advance, might sound hard but your body and health will thank you for it later. You can either pay the price now, or pay for it later….

When eating out I still stick to my guns. I’ll eye the menu and explain when the waiter comes that I have food allergies – like cealiac – but more. I don’t have to outline everything for them, I just get straight to the point saying I want meat, salad or vegetables with no sauces and no dressings. Emphasizing no sugar! This seems to go well.
Having an idea of what you want and being able to clearly voice it effectively really helps out any place your going to eat at. Sometimes if I’m pre booked to eat somewhere I’ll call them up and let them know I’m one of them ‘special’ people…. I also apologize for being a pain in the ass because I know how annoying it can be when people start to edit a menu in a busy restaurant, picking and choosing from 10 different meals. In reality there’s more of us (certain food intolerance people) out there now that its almost being common place. It just helps that I know exactly what I want by the time it comes to order and don’t leave it up to the waiter or chef to decide which can cause havoc.

Always thank the waiter emphatically and if you can the chef! (don’t forget to tip). Serving people can be a really thankless job. 8 years in hospitality has shown this….

Indigo Swing, How Lucky Can One Guy Be.

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One thought on “T-Minus 4 days till the Chop Shop.

  1. Rose says:

    Good luck for your surgery!!! Thanks for your blog, it really helps encourage me to stay on SCD and to keep cooking legal foods to heal my gut :-)

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