Operation Fistula-Fix Underway

The operation was a success.

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The surgeons are happy with the op and happy with my recovery so far. So am I. They went in, cut out the infected piece of my ileum (last part of my small intestine), stitched my bladder and said there was a part of my rectum involved which they also stitched, thankfully didn’t cut out.
They said it was like sewing cheese it was that infected, which was expected seeing as I’ve been dealing with it for at least 18 months. I have a catheterĀ in which is nice so I no longer have to worry about the pain when I urinate. It has to stay in for a week, then want to do a pressure test and do some scans, if my bladder is not leaking I can go home for a 6 – 8 week recovery.

This experience is all new for me, I’ve never been hospitalised for anything serious or at least for an extended period of time. But my time has been great so far. The nurses are lovely and my surgeon and sometimes his registrar visit me daily. I’ve been taken off IV drip already and they took away my push button morphine (awwww). I’m on a liquid diet but I think they will change that as I passed wind today (woohoo!). I’m now on oral pain killers if I want them but I’m only taking them if I feel in pain.

You come to hospital to heal and recover, not to sleep that’s for sure. The first night I was here the fellow across from me (still disoriented from his surgery and anesthesia) wanted to go to the toilet, so thought he’d just pull all his cords out, including his catheterĀ (ouch!). He’s doing alright now.
Theres also a lady down the hall that likes to yell out ‘nurse’ all night long, even when a nurse is standing in front of her, and shes not got dementia or anything of the like. She’s just a pain in the ass. Ear plugs fixed that problem.
Family and friends have come to visit and I’m passing the time fairly well with the laptop, reading and music. Time seems to drag on when you’re in hospital.
At night you can hear the IV drips sing they’re little tune which lulls you to sleep…when the lady down the hall isn’t screaming out nurse every 30 seconds.

I can’t wait to be out of here and in my own bed. I feel well-loved from everyone. I also believe all the effort that I’ve put into my diet and health is paying off, I’m not craving sugar, caffeine or much else….Maybe morphine…haha! But I’ve effectively already detoxed and my body can now just focus on healing itself.

I’ll keep you posted as I heal and progress.

Stay positive!

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One thought on “Operation Fistula-Fix Underway

  1. Rose says:

    Great news Stephen. Looking forward to hearing of your continued recovery and return home :-)

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