Healing like a Boass!

A week on out of hospital and I’m doing fantastic.

No more pain internally, normal sleep patterns returned, no burning sensation whilst urinating. I do have slight discomfort around the cut but that’s to be expected considering they practically gave me a cesarean. Small price to pay for no pain.
I did have my own little trial and errors over the last week though.

The day before I was getting out of hospital I ate some thawed out chicken soup from home. I managed to get food poisoning. Not recommended after bowel surgery. I was in agony again after doing so well and felt so stupid for eating it. It didn’t smell off but had been around for a while. So I downed some panadol to deal with the pain which worked only for about 2 hours and marginally well. I asked for something better so they gave me Endone (Oxycontin). I didn’t tolerate that at all and brought it up along with some of the food (ahh, thats a bit better).
The following morning the doctors weren’t so concerned with my food poisoning, long as I was urinating correctly they shipped me out of there!

What a feeling! Freedom was sweet.

I decided not to eat for at least another day and give my guts a rest, taking a pro biotic though to help my gut ecology along. Wasn’t long till I felt I had a yeast infection, Typical symptoms included jock itch, dry mouth and a god almighty muscle pain in the bottom left quadrant, possibly kidney. I’ve had yeast infections before but nothing with back pain included. I broke my fast that night with orange juice and all my symptoms went away!
Fantastic, now I can get on with healing like I should have been 2 days ago!

I’m now eating solid foods including salads, veggies, meats and fruits. Tested an almond meal muffin but felt it was pushing my insides. Still continuing with supplements and even trying somethings I shouldn’t like Gluten free sausages (foods I shouldn’t have on the SCD diet are corn flours which they use in snags as binders) They went down well enough. Will keep this to a rare occasion if at all so as to not ruin my diet fanaticism (Insert Crazy Laugh here). I should continue on my diet for at least 6 – 12 months before branching out and trying occasional things like potatoes and gluten-free pastas. I miss them the most.
I felt well enough to even play a gig at a local festival (Winter Magic) Saturday night.

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I put my healing down A LOT to my diet. I’m up and moving everyday and trying to exercise at least once a day. This has been torturous seeing as I did nothing but be pumped full of drugs and lie on an uncomfortable bed for a week. I’m stiff and trying to rebuild my exercise regime to where I was and progress even further. Thankfully I have enough time off to do this with nothing else to worry about.
The Journey will be a slow one but each day is better than the last!

Few little things I took away with me from the hospital.

There was man in the same ward who had cancer of the bone. He was 84 and had lived a fairly fulfilled life but from what I could gather he never ate very well and possibly enjoyed the drink. He believed in what the doctor had to say as the absolute truth, negating any alternative method of healing. I tried to reach out to him after he had told me he felt in so much despair because his quality of life was pretty non-existent. He was a God-fearing man but still wouldn’t have a bar of alternative methods to healing.

I talked of good nutrition and green juices, assuring him he could do his doctors treatment along side a nutritional alternative. I gave him the link to Minding Your Mitochondria and left him with it. It was so sad to see a human life in such a state that he’d lost all hope of getting better and just wanted to return to God.

It made me value my health and feel assured that what I’ve been doing with my diet and lifestyle is the right path and will be for as long as I live. I never want to get to 84 and feel like my life’s over.

On that note; take care of yourself, eat well, exercise, and drink green juices, take 20 minutes a day to enjoy ‘existing’ and remember you either Pay for your health now, or Pay for it later.

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One thought on “Healing like a Boass!

  1. Gustoso says:

    Some people just don’t get natural health.

    Glad to hear your out and about again. Speedy recovery.

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