Doin’ Somethin’ Right.

It’s amazing how when your doing the right thing or taking the right path in your life that things seem to fall into place. There’s tough decisions to be made sometimes, but they aren’t as hard to make when your doing it right. You think about them at length/ pray/ meditate etc. and ask the world to give you clarity and peace that your doing the right thing. If things are meant to be, they will fall into place like it was meant to happen.

Enough of the mystics and philosophy.

8 and a half weeks after surgery and compared to how I was and how I feel now it feels like two different lives, or even 2 completely different people. With the assurity that tomorrow I will be in good health, that when I sleep it will be a full rest and when I wake up have the energy needed for the day. When I eat, know that its not going to hurt, that when I need to pee it won’t feel like someone stabbing me in the kidneys. Just knowing your better makes your outlook on life so good you want to live and do as much as you can. In fear of going back to how to felt, this motivates and drives you giving you great ambition. If you take care of your health and your body does what it’s meant too, your dreams step out of ‘I want to but can’t commit or know if my body can handle it’ and into ‘I’m going to get shit done and make it happen.’

My health is going well, even put on weight – up to 93kg’s. I’m now reintroducing potatoes and corn back into my diet. Not in large amounts, just every now and then. The foods I really want to avoid are Lactose, Gluten and Sugar. I avoid these as much as I can at all costs, I know they are deadly and my main triggers. I’ve also been trying gluten free sausages which don’t give me any grief at all. I look for the best quality beef though.

I did a year of Audio Engineering at JMC College out of High School but didn’t really pursue it full time.¬†With my time off from work healing from surgery I did some Audio Engineering work with a local studio filling casual shifts which just recently lead too a full time job. This is what I’m referring up the top. It all just feel into my lap. With my health going well and a new outlook on life things just fell into place, like it was meant to be. I’m very thankful and count my blessings.

Last weekend my Dad and I went away for a trip up the coast to Nambucca Heads, Macksville and Bowerville. To see family – Dads cousins and my 2nd cousins – and see the VW spectacular. The weekend was great and was awesome to see how they live. They’re off the grid with solar power and water tanks, they grow all they’re own food and have livestock. Once you get on the farm all phone reception goes and the feeling of isolation sets in. Amazing how much one’s used to checking Facebook and having that virtual connection to the outside world, feeling socially connected. That and no tele or wifi. Ladies and gentle men we’re getting prehistoric here!
It was great, we had a great time and helped them harvest they’re potato crops, wrestle some cattle, pick some fruit and catch up with all the relatives out that way.

I worried about what foods I could eat and couldn’t eat while out there. So I pre-packed as much as I could into my dinky esky. I took a bag of coleslaw undressed and a jar of home made mayo, container of stewed apple and french cream, nut slice and toffees (unsurprisingly we’re the first to run out of), chai tea and almond milk, fresh fruit and steamed vegetables. I figured it would be enough for the first few days (only stayed up there for 4 days) and it worked out well. I knew I could now eat as much fruit as I liked which they had plenty of, for breakfast I’d have coleslaw and veggies for lunch. They had fresh eggs which went well at breakfast and for dinner we had game roosters and hens. It was a feast. I noted though due to seasonal harvest they ate ALOT of bread and potatoes. Not a big issue as I would have some potatoes but avoid bread and milk. It’s not like I starved.

Although my health is going well there’s always room for adjustments and maintenance. I feel I should eat less honey (sometimes my teeth hurt LOL!) and not so much animal proteins. Why do all the good foods taste so damn good! Even a short fast would do my body some good. I’m due to get some blood tests soon and I’ll post my results. I look forward to seeing them! I also was advised to go back and see my Gasto Specialist but I’m a bit reluctant to seeing as I feel so much better and he’ll probably still want too prescribe me meds. But one session couldn’t hurt, more just to establish that I’m well and rub it in his face.

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Lastly I have some links of interest.

Firstly this Doctor outlines some good causes for Digestive Diseases and Autoimmune disfunctions as well as how to treat them.

This is some seriously good advice on how to achieve your goals

And someone who has gone through almost the same thing as me. Its nice to know there’s others and your not battling your problems on your own.

I also want to ask you readers, what do you want to hear about? Ask any questions or topics you’d like me to post about.

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4 thoughts on “Doin’ Somethin’ Right.

  1. Gustoso says:

    Great to hear you are feeling better.

    Come join us over at

  2. Well done Steve (Steph???) lol

  3. Thanks so much for the linkback, Stephen! I’m so glad to hear that you’re recovering gracefully from your surgery and that you’re feeling so healthy. I know exactly what you mean about a new outlook. My life before surgery seems almost as though it happened to another person. Almost! ;)

    Just go easy on those starches!! I’m starch free now, and I feel great!

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