Where To Go From Here?

7 Months after surgery and I’m right as rain. I’ve never been happier then I ever have in my life. My innards don’t hurt and I can eat pretty much anything in moderation. That being said I still try avoid Gluten, Lactose and Sugar as I find them my main triggers to an unhappy overall being. I’m still listening to my body and if I feel things aren’t right inside correct it on the outside. You could say I’m pretty much ‘normal’…what ever that means.

But where does that leave this blog? What do I post about now? I haven’t posted here because I felt it was more a venting/diary for my journey to health. Now I’m here I’m lost for words. I find it hard to find the time to post as I’ve filled life with as much as I possibly can. Guess you could call it an new appreciation for life and doing as much as you can with each day your given.
I still am glad that I got sick as as a result of being able to know so much about health and nutrition. I assist others in different ways with they’re own health problems (feel that I could always be doing more though).
I want to do another blood test soon enough to check on all my levels and see my Gastro Dr just to make sure everything is ok, and to rub it in his face.
If I could say there was any SECRETS to maintaining my health

  • It would be every morning a pro-biotic and a fresh juice or smoothie. I believe the good bacteria maintains the balance in my gut.
  • Exercise as well (yea I know its a dirty word). Its the best way to maintain a healthy mental and physical state.
  • Conscious eating. This I’m in no way perfect at but if somethings greasy and fatty, its generally not gonna be good in the long run. Plus my whole being feel horrible after eating to excess or the wrong thing. These are all warning signs that your doing it wrong. I see my body as a machine that needs to be serviced and maintained, fed the right fuel and it will go for a lifetime with little to no problems. Feed it the wrong fuel and neglect it, what do you thinks going to happen? Our bodies can take a lot of punishment but we aren’t invincible.

I guess that’s it, not really a big secret, more common sense really (its probably not that common). 2012 went from the worst to the greatest year ever. I look forward to 2013 and beyond and hope you can learn from my experience and help yourselves to a better you. Ask me anything though and I’ll try to help in anyway I can. Onwards and Upwards!


Stephen Magarita








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2 thoughts on “Where To Go From Here?

  1. Emma C says:

    Great news. Always good to hear a success story. It keeps the rest of us motivated. Are you on medication to control your crohns?

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